Saturday, September 11, 2010

SR Tip #5


Dean Spencer said...

Todd -

These are really good. I love how you have used the video format to do your blog. It eliminates the reading aspect of some blogs that get wordy. :)

I do like this series. It's helping me see witnessing in a clearer way. I do think, just like you mentioned here, that we need to boldly proclaim Jesus without trying to mask or package our Savior so we don't offend.

The NT often says that Jesus will be a stumbling block (stone) and a rock of offense. I'll be looking forward to you preaching on this part in Romans 9!

Great post!

Michael G said...

Great post, Todd. While Scripture makes it clear that we are to "speak the truth in love", that is not the same as "speaking the truth only-after-you've-made-them-feel-good-about-themselves."

Jesus spoke truth lovingly and kindly to those who came to him seeking truth (Samaritan woman, centurion, etc...). However, He spoke the truth with directness and a stinging bite to those who came trying to undermine the truth (pharisees, etc...).

Jesus, of course, had the advantage of knowing their individual hearts. We need to pray for wisdom before we speak to be sure we are speaking the truth as Christ would want.

Good stuff, thanks for your insight.