Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Both/And, Not Either/Or

I have read/heard a number of good reviews about Steve Wright's book on youth ministry, ReThink, and after just this brief paragraph from him, I can see why:

"Both the church and its student ministries have biblically assigned purposes: namely, exaltation (celebrate), edification (grow), and evangelism (serve). It is interesting in passages concerning the early church...we see these three purposes functioning in perfect unison. These purposes of the church are different than the purposes of the family, which is why God ordained two institutions rather than one. We cannot listen to the extremists who are attempting to push us to one or the other institution. It's time for the two institutions to step closer together and become partners to rescue this generation."

Amen! A biblically balanced voice really is nice to  hear!

[NOTE: I did add the italicized words in parenthesis just 'cuz I think it's cool how he sees the main functions of the body of Christ in the same vein as we do at FFC).

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Dean Spencer said...

So true! It is definitely important today when the world is diluting and confusing Truth.

The church today, just by following Biblical principles and patterns, should easily become distinguishable and separate from the world.

When people look at the church, they should see something that is starkly different than from what the world offers.